Potter Ponders New Digs in Rancho Mirage

For the past ten years I’ve lived happily in the most wonderful guesthouse tucked away on a beautiful estate property in Rancho Mirage.  But I’ve come to the conclusion that the time has arrived for me to move on, move up, and acquire a bit more space.  Not only is my design practice busier than ever, but from what all my real estate buddies are telling me, even though the market has been picking up, there are still great properties available.

Since I’m such a creature of habit, I’m planning on staying in Rancho Mirage—and why wouldn’t I?!—as I love the area, the mountain views, and the proximity to the amazing array of great events, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.  My first step was an easy one—contacting my pal David Sidley, a charming and experienced local real estate professional who I knew would know exactly how to tackle my search.  Stopping into The River, we ordered beers at Babe’s and David gave me the lowdown.  Rancho Mirage has one of the widest ranges of housing stock in the desert.  Small manufactured homes (that until recently were called mobile homes or trailers) start as low as the mid-$50s in complexes like The Colony or Blue Skies Village (founded by Bing Crosby).  And at the other end of the spectrum there are grand estates costing millions in areas like Mirada and Clancy Lane, with one on the market right now for almost $20 mil!

I’m not one to go to the extremes, so David suggested we start looking at properties in the middle of the market—well, maybe starting at the lower middle…  A number of great neighborhoods are not gated, like Magnesia Falls Cove and the Tamerisk area.  And then there are beautiful communities behind gates with a wide range of prices, such as Mission Hills, Thunderbird, and Mission Ranch.  Some of these are even situated on gorgeous golf courses.

I just started looking, but I know that with David’s help I’ll find the perfect place for me right here in the heart of the Palm Springs Valley.  Stay tuned for an update.