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As luck would have it, my longtime love of pizza has again been rewarded with yet another venue in which to satisfy my pie cravings right here in our fair city of Rancho Mirage. Conveniently located in the soon to be completed Rancho Las Palmas Shopping Center at the intersection of Highway 111 and Bob Hope Drive, Pieology allows you to love pizza the way you love pizza by encouraging you to customize each and every element that makes your pie YOUR pie!

First off, choose a crust: house made white, house made whole wheat, or gluten-free. Then move on to your sauce. I’m a pesto or red sauce kind of gal, but all seven are yummy. Next, select a cheese preference. And then comes the hard part: toppings! Meat lover? You’re in luck, with a full array that includes stalwarts like pepperoni, sausage, and meatballs but also boasts Canadian bacon, all-natural bacon, and even spicy chicken.

Veggies are another thing all together. Go crazy! Heap on as many as you wish. And guess what? No matter how you slice it, your price is always the same: $7.95 per pie. A quick three to four minutes in the 570 degree oven and your creation is a reality!

For those customers who just can’t make up their minds, Pieology offers some of their favorites, like Classic Margherita, Easy Cheesy, Hickory BBQ Chicken, and Rustic Veggie. Not in a pizza mood? You can skip the crust, substitute greens, and top it off with all the same ingredients (plus dressing!) to make a sensational salad. And if you’re still a bit hungry, try a Sweet Cinnamon dessert pizza!

“Our opening has exceeded our expectations,” says general manager James Suer, adding that he couldn’t be happier about launching specifically in Rancho Mirage. “This location. This shopping center. The businesses surrounding us. There’s so much going on. It’s all very exciting.” I couldn’t agree more. Let your creativity loose. www.pieology.com

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