Rancho Mirage’s Brandini Toffee Expands to Palm Springs

Anyone who’s compiling a complete list of the Top Young Turks of Rancho Mirage has got to place twentysomething pals Brandon Weimer and Leah Post at the very tippy top. The story of how, in 2006, the then-14-year-old high schoolers proved their entrepreneurial mettle is best told in their own voice, from their website (www.brandinitoffee.com). “During our freshman year of high school, our English teacher Ms. Douglas told us she was planning a class trip to Italy. We were very excited about the possibility of going. Our parents liked the idea but told us that we’d have to find a way to pay for half the trip ourselves. We were too young to get jobs so we decided to start our own business. But what exactly?”

The “what exactly” ended up being toffee handcrafted using a simple, old Weimer family recipe that perfectly melds butter, sugar, dark chocolate, and crushed organic almonds. “Within a couple months we paid off our trips in full, plus spending money, and in the spring of 2007 we went to Assisi, Florence, Pisa, and Rome.”

Now, post-college, the pair is heading to Palm Springs. On August 28th, a second Brandini Toffee store opened in that city at 132 South Palm Canyon Drive, right across the alley from the former Fabulous Palm Springs Follies location. The official grand opening for the 750-square-foot shop will be later in September, when temps have cooled off. But should your sweet tooth lead you toward it now, Brandini Toffee – Palm Springs is ready and raring to go. The good news for Rancho Mirage fans is that the original retail location at 42560 Bob Hope Drive just off of Highway 111—whose backstage area also doubles as the company’s production facility—will remain open. Plus, no matter where you decide to patronize this delectable brand, you can benefit from Brandini’s Summer Special, which gives you 30% off every product in-store. Naturally, I was there to support Brandon and Leah by being one of the first customers in line in Palm Springs on opening day. The treat I chose: one of the shop’s truly scrumptious chocolate-dipped ice cream bars, which is—of course—rolled in toffee crumbles.

I’ve always known it was just a matter of time before Brandini’s bullish business would demand expansion. “It’s obvious that Palm Springs is booming, and we want to be a part of it!” says thankful Brandon proudly. “We hope that this second location helps the brand become even more iconic to the valley.”

I can already sense the sweet smell and taste of sensational success… Good luck, Brandon and Leah!

Brandini Toffee