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You’ve looked everywhere for that perfect gift? Look no farther than Debbie’s Classic Creations in the Country Club Village shopping center at the intersection of Country Club Drive and Monterey Avenue. So much more than a gift and card emporium, Debbie’s is a place where owner and president Debbie Lee, her general manager Nelson, and their associate Jan (who refers to herself as Nelson’s minion!) will do their best to craft a custom gift basket for anyone, anywhere, for any occasion. In fact, this gem of a shop is the only custom gift basket outlet in all of the Palm Springs Valley. And by “basket” I don’t mean just your run-of-the-mill wicker. I mean fun, inventive things like an inflatable pink flamingo!

Sure, you can take one of the pre-made grab-and-go carriers right off the shelf, but what might be good for Grandma might not be ideal for your new boss’ new baby, right? That’s where this A-team of experts comes in. Just let Debbie, Nelson, or Jan know how much you want to spend, and one—or all!—of them will help you pick from a truly amazing assortment of gifts stocked right there in the store. I’m talking kitchenware, decorative objects, food and wine, candles, kids’ toys…the list goes on and on. Debbie is especially proud of her seasonal offerings—Summer, Valentine’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. She’s also one of the premium outposts for Judaica in the desert. Good to know come Passover, or the fall’s Jewish Holidays.

Feel free to browse in-store, call 760-424-8502 (844-309-3605 toll free), or visit www.betterthanfruit.com. Asked about this intriguing moniker for her online presence, Debbie’s exclaims it’s a good-natured ribbing of Harry & David Gourmet Gifts, well-known for sending fruit baskets from coast to coast.

But let’s say you already have the elements of a great gift basket on-hand. No problem! Just bring all those items in, and the team will wrap it up beautifully in a basket of your choice that you can then take away.

I’ve personally used Debbie’s services many, many times since she set up camp in this location in October 2015. So the next time you’re in the giving mood, pay Debbie, Nelson, and Jan a visit. Neither you—nor the object of your generosity—will regret it.

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