The 2017 issue of R/M magazine—that gorgeous, 96-page glossy magazine that came out a month or so ago—has a dining story titled “Top of the Morning,” which lists all the best go-to places to break fast in the ayem. Named are our big fabulous resorts, of course, and other can’t-miss places.

But Rancho Mirage also has a few more obscure eateries that should be remembered when thinking about where to have the first meal of the day. Yes, these places are a little off the beaten path, but they’re no less deserving.


The Garden Grille & Bar at Hilton Garden Inn
Have you ever had the frankly splendid idea of putting crushed, crisp bacon into your batter before it hits the iron? The folks at the Hilton Garden Inn have. Their Bacon Waffle, topped with butter and maple syrup, is a sweet-and-savory sensation.

Holiday Inn Express
With a generous array of staples on offer, breakfast is a self-serve event for HIX guests here. Not to mention a do-it-yourself affair, thanks to the brand-wide Pancake in a Minute Flat machine. Like the sign says: “Admit it—you wish you had this at home.”

Jensen’s Minute Shoppe
The Dos Amigos is two breakfast sandwiches in one: Side A has chorizo and egg with pepper Jack cheese. Side B has ham and egg with cheddar. Bridging both are bread, bacon, jalapenos, and grilled honeyed ham. Choose from three different salsas for six different flavor combos—or try one of their other selections.

Swiss Donut
There’s nothing that compares to walking into a shop whose staff has been baking since late the night before to make sure every one of its 600-plus freshly made donuts is a perfect piece of art. There are dozens of varieties here, from glazed and jelly-filled to twists and fritters. 40101 Monterey Avenue at Country Club Drive in Rancho Mirage.

So the next time you’re up and at ‘em just as the sun is rising, wander into one of these places and order up!

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