Ritz Rooms

With so much to do, see, hear, taste, and experience in the Palm Springs Valley in general—and in beautiful Rancho Mirage in particular—it’s obvious that resort guests don’t travel here to just be “slam-clickers,” the term I used to affectionately use in my flying days to describe those pilot and flight attendant colleagues sharing my layovers who wished nothing more than to check in, slam their doors shut, click them locked, and hibernate. That said, the Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage guest rooms I recently had the pleasure and privilege to experience overnight made me feel like doing just that: Staying in!

It started, of course, with the beautifully appointed space itself—the décor, the linens, the bed, the fine amenities. Then it extended to my balcony and the views it afforded of the entire Valley below. It was a crystal clear day—and night—and I remember feeling like I was on top of the world, which, in many ways, I was. I mean, I was spending the night at the Ritz-Carlton, after all.

But it’s when I walked into the bathroom that I decided, on the spot, to never leave. Naturally, the towels were soft and snow white. The bath gels and other personal products were of the highest caliber. But a little known fact is that half of the bathrooms at the Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage have a unique layout, with an open shower placed directly adjacent to the bathtub so that one may indulge in the former before the latter. There are also moveable shutters separating the bathroom and the rest of the room, which makes it possible to adjust not only the level of privacy desired but the amount of natural light streaming in.

And just to speak of said tub for a moment. Rather than being crafted out of porcelain, the tub in 234 of the Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage’s 244 rooms is made of cast iron (FYI, the 10 rooms without this feature are wheelchair accessible, and have showers only). The benefit of a cast iron tub? Your bathwater stays much hotter for much longer. And if you’re a soaker, like me, that means more of one of the best things in life—a hot bath.

Follow my lead: Check in. Slam. Click. Shower. Bathe. Repeat as often as humanly possible. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy room service! www.ritzcarlton.com/ranchomirage

Ritz Rooms

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