Seasonal Events at the Rancho Mirage Library

Seasonal Events at the Rancho Mirage Library

Although Rancho Mirage Library is a lovely place to visit all year long, the special events at our local repository of all things literary—and then some—really ramp up during what we in the Palm Springs Valley call “the season.”  My beloved library is just packed with great things to do in the peak months of January through April, and this year it seems even more so.

Aside from all the year-round programs and offerings (like the ability to borrow great books and music, and the amazing children’s reading room), the Rancho Mirage Library has a plethora of musical concerts, community showcases, lectures, films & discussions, and exhibits.

All the information is readily available on the library’s easy-to-navigate website—as well as at the physical location itself—but there are a few things to which I’m especially looking forward that I must simply mention.  This year’s music program includes a harpist, opera, jazz, and a few piano programs, including one featuring 17-year-old prodigy Jan Lisiecki on February 16, 2013.  And 2013’s movie and film discussion roster is stellar.  Plus, I’m really anticipating a special evening with my pal, internationally known local celebrity photographer Michael Childers, on February 19, 2013.  He will be on hand to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the production of the Oscar-winning “Midnight Cowboy,” which was directed by his late partner, John Schlesinger.  As for ongoing lectures at the library, upcoming topics will range from discussions on Islam, Living on the Edge of the Desert, the Retail Success of Nordstrom’s, Artists and their Muses, and local designer Trina Turk’s take on “Sunnylands Chic.”

And for those of a purely visual bent, Brian Helder’s photographic exhibition of the Salton Sea —which will run throughout the winter and early spring—will captivate.

These are just a smattering of the simply delicious roster of events at the Rancho Mirage Library.  And you can bet I’ll be at most of them.  See you there!

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