Shame on the Moon

There are certain time-tested things in my life—my favorite black velvet dinner jacket, my collection of Streisand LPs (now on Apple Music), and those comfy loafers that refuse to age—to which I return to time and time again, especially when I’m in need of comfort. Out in the world—or should I say, out in my home town of Rancho Mirage—one such place is Shame on the Moon, a restaurant of such perpetual elegance and ease that it brings deep contentment each time I traverse its portal and abandon myself to the sensual culinary joys within.

Most nights, it all starts with my being greeted by longtime manager (and let’s face it, one of the most adored faces of the Moon), Ginger Carter. Ginger not only knows every regular by name, she truly makes everyone who comes through Shame’s door feel like an especially invited guest. Every time she ushers me from her front desk to my table, I start to relax, visions of a large, chilled Hendrick’s gin martini (straight up, two olives) dancing in my head.

While I don’t usually dine alone, on the rare occasion that I must, the experience is never daunting, certainly not if I’m at Shame on the Moon. The main room’s warm décor and intimate nature make me feel well-taken care of even when I’m solo. And then there’s the longtime staff—people like David the bartender or Tony the server (who’s been there 12 years and doesn’t look a day over 30). You could almost say that Shame is my dining room away from home. I’m among friends. Friends who will make sure that my every epicurean’s wish come true.

I was particularly hungry on this last outing, so I started with the Half Avocado with Lobster Meat and Hearts of Palm in a Louie Dressing. Such a great combination of flavors and textures. Then came my Mongol Soup (included with the price of my entrée), an exotic purée of tomatoes, split peas, and curry. For my main course, I couldn’t decide between the Wild Mushroom Ravioli or the Sautéed Calf’s Liver (a customer favorite, which also happens to be on my top of the tops list), so I opted for the Veal Pot Roast with Marsala Sauce. What a perfect choice for a chilly late autumn night. A big, bold Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon accompanied my main course, and there was enough left of it to pair up with the decadent chocolate layer cake I had for dessert. Was there enough of anything else left for a doggie bag? None of your business. But seriously, if it’s been a while, reacquaint yourself with Shame on the Moon and its many treasures. If you see a solo diner in a cozy corner, amble up and ask to join me. I’ll probably let you stay…

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