Simply Sweet Success

That age-old adage “’tis better to give than to receive” certainly holds true for Diana Dodge.  Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, the holidays—any holiday—I love ’em all because they permit me to provide for loved ones.

Being a devoted doyenne of our fair city, a favored token of my affection is Brandini Toffee.  Not only is this terrifically tasty treat made here in town, it says so right on the stylish white box tied with a beautiful black bow.  We all know nothing impresses family and friends like the words, “Rancho Mirage, California.”

This product is perfect purity: a precise blend of butter and sugar topped with dark chocolate topped with crushed organic almonds.  My mouth waters just typing the words!  Sheer quality should sway you to sample, but then there’s the back story…

Fall of 2006.  Teen besties Leah Post and Brandon Weiner yearn to earn sufficient sums to pay for half of their high school trip to Italia.  Since Brandon—“Brandini” to Leah—has touted his talent in turning out toffee (from an old family recipe) since he was a tot, the pair decides to sell the sticky stuff.  So successful is their budding business that within six weeks they’ve funded the entire voyage and then some.  With the help of their parents, the kids then start a candy company.  It’s been featured on, and its young founders have appeared on The Food Network and The Martha Stewart Show.

With Brandon and Leah currently away at college, moms Angela Weimer and Maggie Post take care of daily duties.  Various configurations of the confection sell for between $5 and $75 at the factory shop near The River, by phone, online, or at various Valley retailers, including Costco.  Visit for more info.  And next time you’re looking for the sweet sensation that screams “Rancho Mirage” in the softest way, simply say “Brandini”!

Brandini Toffee

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