Sorry to borrow a bit from Diana’s beloved alliteration with the above headline, but had such a phenomenal experience during my last stay at this deluxe Rancho Mirage resort that I just can’t contain myself.  Of course, this excellent encounter had everything to do with the Westin Mission Hills’ incomparable people.

Now, let me remind you that in my last quarter-century of traveling to the far reaches of our planet, I’ve encountered some pretty fantastic employees at exclusive adult playgrounds from Cabo San Lucas to French Polynesia.  The fine men and women toiling at the Westin right here in the Palm Springs Valley rank right up there with the best and brightest of them all.

It started, as it should, with my check-in experience, continuing straight through to lunch at Season’s Grill, spa treatments, time spent poolside, dinner at The Den that night, my breakfast at Bella Vista the next morning, and that most dreaded time of the day: check out.  Rarely have I witnessed so many workers so genuinely happy with both their position and their employer.  While each staff member which whom I interacted truly did go above and beyond, a few standouts must be mentioned: longtime Westin Mission Hills massage therapists Debra and Beatriz; The Den staff Laurel, Gabriel, and Tamera; front desk attendant Carol; and Bella Vista breakfast server Luis and supervisor Miki.

Of course, an employee’s great attitude trickles down from the top.  Snowbirds hailing north of the border will be proud to know that the Westin is currently being governed by transplanted Canadian Ross Meredith.  But he’s only served as general manager for a few months.  People like Laurel and Debra have been with the resort for more than a decade, so clearly, there’s a long history of great management at this first-rate property.  Especially in light of the fact that longevity so often equals ennui.  Not at this hot spot.  So carry on, team.  Gold stars for all!

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