The Palm Springs Convention Center was recently the site of a fundraiser for a great organization that provides nutritional help to men, women, and children from the Palm Springs Valley who are living with HIV/AIDS.  And I was happy to attend with a gaggle of pals.

On September 14, AAP—the AIDS Assistance Program—gathered more than two dozen area restaurants and caterers who offered samples of some of their favorite dishes for a small contribution.  As opposed to other years, there was no entrance fee.  Donation cards were purchased before entering and then punched by volunteers at each food vendor’s booth.  Some tastes could be had for as little as a dollar.  Some went for four.  All were tasty as could be, and well worth the small cost.

Acqua Pazza/LULU, Rio Azul, Johnny Costa’s, Trio, Billy Reed’s, El Mirasol, and the catering operations from both Mission Hills Country Club and Jensen’s Foods were just a few of the providers who donated their goods and services.  There was even a custom pet food vendor—Fresh Fetch—there to represent for the four-legged.    A number of restaurants provided a sweet finish to the evening, but Lappert’s Ice Cream won hands down for the longest line.  And yes, it was worth it!  A cash bar helped lubricate the evening, and it certainly seemed as if a delectable time was had by all.

As we left—fatter but happier—I couldn’t help but smile while walking through the Jackie Lee Houston Plaza next to the convention center.  Having passed away on the day of this event, and having been such a strong supporter of AAP, one of the Palm Springs Valley’s most loving and generous women was surely beaming down on the hundreds who helped make this noble annual fundraiser another smashing success.

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