The 2010 Miss California competition was held in Rancho Mirage at The Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa this week.  Alyssa Campanella from Hillsborough won the crown.  She’s lovely, probably smart and hopefully not a star of an underground porn film that has yet to be released.

I rooted for Miss Santa Monica, Desiree Lee Cuchiara who sported a red punk Mohawk type hairdo with black rat tails down the back of her neck.  The “do” perfectly complimented her leopard print form-fitting bustier and hoop skirt ensemble made perfect by black ankle high lace up boots.  The girl had ATTITUDE and a saucy sense of humor.  Of course she lost.  Or did she?

Desiree reminded me what I am most thankful for and have been thankful for since I was a teenager.  I always knew that I didn’t have to be like everybody else to be happy and have a terrific life.  When I went to my high school prom in a little black Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress (I was a fan of Audrey Hepburn) the head of the girl’s athletic program told me I looked like a “slut”.  The coach – poor misguided lady – died of alcoholism in a backwater San Joaquin Valley town and I went on to global life of adventure.  And excuse me, but “slut” was NEVER a word that could even come close to describing me.

From the moment I could think for myself I was headed out of small town USA and away from the kind of thinking that forces American women into the same clothes, cars, houses, hairdos, marriages, churches, political parties and eventually coffins.  So many American women have no idea that “the world is a banquet and most of the poor fools are starving to death”. Ask Auntie Mame, she got it right.

Best just listen to yourself and forget trying to be a Miss America.  Focus instead on being a GODDESS.


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