By now I’m sure you know that not all bedtime is for catching ZZZZs. But whatever happens on the divan at home, where most of us spend a third of our lives, we want it to be cozy. Snuggle in and read a book, convince the cat to cuddle and purr, sip a jigger of scotch while watching a rerun of Rockford – and all the rest of the activities that make for a rich and personal private life.

Hotel beds can be about something altogether different and we each have our own fantasies about them and how we like our get-away beds to be. Cozy is a desirable factor but a bed at a resort should have an edge, a little something extra. Here’s an inventory of Rancho Mirage snooze pads and what’s unique about them. See if one’s for you…

Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa
It’s the VIEW! Roost on the east side of the 16 story resort tower on the night of a full moon and you can watch the orb rise like a giant orange eye from the desert floor and slowly ascend into the starlight sky. Fantastic! On the west side of the tower the rooms face Mount San Jacinto – often snow capped and gleaming in the lunar light. Open the slider on to your balcony, turn your room lights off, music up on the radio and take it all in. A glass of bubbly in hand might add to the glow.

The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa and The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Villas
It’s the BED! Westin Hotels & Resorts claims the best in bed. Westin Hotels turned the travel industry on its head and sparked a hotel bedding revolution with the 1999 launch of the Heavenly Bed: an icon that inspired countless imitators igniting the hotel-bed wars and jump-starting the hotel retail phenomenon. In the decade since, more than 75 million guests have tucked themselves into Heavenly Beds at Westin Hotels around the world including U.S. Presidents, Hollywood royalty and professional athletes, and more than 30,000 beds and 100,000 pillows have been sold. The sumptuous, 10-layer Heavenly Bed has grown from cult favorite to well-loved classic, and Westin has expanded Heavenly into a full-lifestyle brand, with similarly luxurious offerings for the bath, the baby, and even the dog. Switch off the lights, tuck in and say AHHHHHHH!

Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa
It’s the view of the golf course or Splashtopia! Depends if you’re a family with kids or a couple alone what bed and view you’ll want here. A couple alone will want to swing open the patio door so that the pristine fairways, moonlit gently swaying palm trees and cooing nightingales remind that the City is light-years away. This combined with soft desert night air might make Scheherazade spin tale 1001. Kids on the other hand will want to be camped overlooking Splashtopia. This water wonderland glimmers in the moonlight causing kiddies to nod off smiling as they dream of the pirate exploits they plan for the morrow on the slide, in the lazy river and with the giant water guns. All rooms sport giant HD plasma screen TVs. FUN LUXURY!

The Hilton Garden Inn Palm Springs / Rancho Mirage
It’s the TECHNOLOGY! Road Warrior’s know to ask for a room with the special “Garden Sleep System”. This bed delivers pressure relieving performance by excelling from a Self-Adjusting Technology. Nine individual air cylinders on each side of the bed, and a system of air intake and release valves, allow the “Garden Sleep System” to conform precisely to guests’ unique weight and shape, while cradling the body. No Route 66 quarter-drop for five minutes of vibrating bed action here. This is the real thing and once experienced the “Garden Sleep System” can be a little addicting. Not Betty Ford Clinic dependency addicting, more like bubble bath addicting. Ask my friend Jane she’ll tell you.

The Country Inn & Suites by Carlson
It’s the PROXIMITY! The Country Inn is walking distance – five minutes max to the farthest – to 27 of Rancho Mirage eateries. And here they are in alphabetical order: Alberto’s Restorante, Amici Italian Trattoria, Applebee’s, Babe’s Bar-B-Que Grill & Brewhouse, Baja Fresh, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Bing Crosby’s, bluEmber, Cheesecake Factory, D’Carlo’s Italian Cafe, Fuu Rin Sushi, Hibachi Steak House & Sushi Bar, Mimi’s, Papa Mario’s Pizzeria, Piero’s Acqua Pazza, P.F. Chang’s, Restorante Donatella, Roy’s, Ruby’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Starbucks, Swiss Donut, Thai Smile, Walley’s Desert Turtle, Yard House and Yummi Yogurt. When it time to call it a day the Country Inn & Suites serves up warm Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and milk. Turtle cookies are a guest favorite – chocolate cookie with caramel and chocolate chips. Then climb on to a luxurious pillow top mattress, covered with soft cotton sheets. Cookies and cushy – the perfect mix for sleeping like a baby. Can’t beat the hospitality and the price point for this bed in the epicenter of the Palm Springs Valley’s RESTAURANT ROW!


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