The New Rancho Mirage Mobile App is Live

It’s well-known that I’m addicted to my smart phone.  I like to keep up with the latest by using my little “pocket computer,” and get a bit testy when I can’t find what I’m looking for.  And that’s why I was so happy to install and use the new app for all things “Rancho Mirage.”  This app was built by a couple of smart guys who know what they’re doing (shout out to Jared Smith and John Walker of Talent Evolution).  These two have found a way to streamline the search for all the info I want for my hometown needs in Rancho Mirage.  The new app allows you the opportunity to:

  • Book your stay at top resorts in Rancho Mirage.
  • Find great places to dine—and there are a ton of them!
  • Get showtimes for local concerts and events.
  • Find the nightlife hotspots.
  • Get information on top attractions in the area.
  • Check out the local golf course offerings.
  • Get easy driving directions to all attractions.

Be sure to scroll through all the options at the bottom of the app, where you’ll find lots of fun pages to explore, including the latest events in town, witty and insightful blogs written by Diana Dodge and yours truly, and even a place to upload your favorite photos of Rancho Mirage to share with others. Thankfully, this app is a smart time-saver instead of—like so many of my other favorite apps!—a time-waster.  The new Rancho Mirage app is really cool and should prove very useful for both tourists and locals alike.  Spread the good news.