The Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage’s Ladies & Gentlemen

In case you ever wondered, it’s not just anyone who’s invited to work at the recently unveiled Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage. With the exclusive company’s motto being “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen,” every successful candidate for employment must not only demonstrate much higher-than-average aptitude and attitude during the interview process but maintain same throughout the entire time he or she holds his or her position.

In fact, tucked away somewhere on every Ritz-Carlton employee during working hours—be it a valet, a front desk staffer, a chef, a pool server, a housekeeping attendant, or a member of the company’s executive rank—is a small foldable card that quite literally spells out such things as the company’s credo, service values, and employee promise.

At the core of the Ritz-Carlton brand is the “genuine care and comfort” of guests, and the providing of “the finest personal service and facilities.” The company’s stated “Three Steps of Service” include a warm and sincere greeting using the guest’s name, the anticipation and fulfillment of needs, and a fond personal farewell.

The ladies and gentlemen at your service here are proud to wear the Ritz-Carlton uniform. They understand and relish their role, are constantly seeking to improve each guest’s experience, and respect discretion to the utmost. After all, each man and woman who holds a position at the Ritz-Carlton realizes that he or she is building a profound bond, one that may likely last a lifetime. If not on a personal level—employees do move on, after all—then with the luxury brand itself.

Each time I step through the Ritz-Carlton’s portals, I know with whom I’m dealing: a stalwart expert in his or her field, whatever field that may be. How fortunate a guest am I?