Time to Pretty Up The Pink Elephant Sign

We get an average of 350 days of glorious sunshine beaming down on our beautiful Palm Springs Valley each year.  So it’s no wonder that Rancho Mirage’s landmark sign of the huge pink pachyderm—the one that does such a great job of advertising the services of Elephant Car Wash on Highway 111—would eventually need a little pastel paint to perk it up.  My buddy Keith Blum, owner of this esteemed establishment, reminded me that the last time a rosy blush was applied was almost five years ago, and that the sign has been repainted only five times since its erection in 1967.  Sadly, the bulk of the sign’s western exposure had peeled off most unpleasantly.  Primping was needed pronto.

But sprucing up this big guy is no easy feat.  For the task, artist Blum was raised high into the air on a cherry-picker, cans and brushes in hand, ready to do the honors.  Carefully, he applied the paint, taking great pains to avoid the scores of feet of neon that brighten the sign every night.  And what a superb job he did, as the sign positively glows now twenty-four hours a day.

For the record, the guys and gals who work at Elephant Car Wash do a superb job cleaning every nook and cranny on the coolest cars in the desert, and frankly, I wouldn’t dare go anywhere else.  I’m proud to have my feisty friend back, pretty in pink as he provides me with a super smile every time I see him!