Few holidays are more festive than Halloween, and year after year those of us from Rancho Mirage and the rest of the Valley celebrate it in grand style on the streets of Palm Springs, centered on Arenas Road.  My posse and I presented ourselves as people other than who we usually are by dressing up in costumes and monkeying around with makeup that transformed us from our usual staid beings into various creatures of the night.  Yes, it’s true, I dressed as Zorro the Zombie!

Celebrators popped in and out of the many surrounding bars and restaurants waiting for the annual costume contest to commence.  And when it did, drag-performer extraordinaire Bella DaBall expertly hosted the soirée as hundreds of revelers—straight and gay, old and young, costumed and not—gathered around the stage and watched the 75 entrants compete for cash and various other prizes.

Participants included every manner of witch and warlock, otherworldly visitors, characters from TV and film, as well as a fair number of fairytale creatures (“Pan” with his magic flute was a particular crowd-pleaser).  A Pan Am pilot and his crew of oh-so-sexy “stewardesses” camped their way through the crowds as we waited for the contest results.  Among the evening’s winners were a pair dressed as newly married Bert and Ernie—complete with matching rings and over-sized California marriage certificate—a gaggle of hot guys dressed as Caesar and his minions, and the best-dressed March Hare and Mad Hatter you’ve ever seen.

This family-friendly affair is not to be missed and I will, without a doubt, be back next year.  I’m already contemplating my costume…  I was thinking maybe I’d present myself as Potter Palma!

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