Westin Mission Hills Moves

Westin Mission Hills Moves!

I’m very fortunate to have friends from all over the world who happen to love the communities of the Palm Springs Oasis as much as I do.  It’s not uncommon for me to have multiple sets of visitors in town at the same time, and since I’m the social type, I try to see as many as I can, especially those who are staying nearby my abode in Rancho Mirage.  On a recent weekend, I went over to Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa to visit my pals Percy and Pauline, visiting from—of all places—Paris.  While having a delightful lunch on the patio next to the pool, we couldn’t help but notice how friendly and fun-loving the resort staff was.

And there’s a very good reason for that, according to our perky poolside server, Patty.  Aside from the fact that the Westin Mission Hills’ associates are just generally delighted to work at such a beautiful resort, many of them are participating in programs that keep them happy, healthy, and in-shape.  They are calling it, appropriately, “Westin Moves.”  The delightful Denise Harnett, the resort’s marketing coordinator (who I happen to have watched grow up, since I’ve known her parents for years), has recently begun offering “Street Jazz” classes to her fellow employees, and will soon be adding that ever-so cool, African-inspired “Zumba!”  Bartender Cameron takes some of his co-workers out often to hike the nearby hills, working up quite the sweat.  And soon, in-house nutrition classes will be available to further the health goals of the resort’s staff.

But to my mind, the Westin 5k New Balance Challenge shows one of the biggest commitments to health and well-being.  In conjunction with sportswear and athletic footwear manufacturer New Balance, the Westin Hotels kicked off their new “gear lending” program with a 5k walk/run on Saturday, November 3, 2012.  To help their guests maintain a fit lifestyle, New Balance footwear and attire will be available for loan for just a small charge.  The 5k event was a great way to get all the associates involved, and helped raise money and attention for Soles4Souls, the worthy charity that collects and distributes new and gently-used sneakers to those in need.  www.soles4souls.org      www.westinnewbalance.com

All these many elements are obviously working to contribute to the great attitudes and fun, friendly demeanor of the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa’s many associates.  I see it every time I visit my friends who are visiting our perfectly lovely Palm Springs Valley.  www.westinmissionhills.com

Westin Moves

Photo is courtesy of Westin Mission Hills.