Westin Mission Hills Offers New Amenities

It’s true, for a Rancho Mirage resident I sure do spend a lot of time at my local resorts!  But then I’m blessed to have a fantastic number of friends who are just as addicted to the Palm Springs Valley as I am, and they come to visit frequently.  While hanging out with my pals Pauline and Peter from Petaluma last week, I spied a newly opened shop at the wonderful Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa, where they were staying.

Tucked in the corner of the charming courtyard is the brand new Mission Hills Market and Café.  This bright and airy venue is chock full of everything the resort visitor could want or need.  It goes without saying that a wide selection of all the usual “forgotten” toiletries and travel amenities are available—even men’s and women’s undies, and of course the requisite pantyhose.  But there’s also plenty of fun things to peruse, like books and magazines, special spa products, resort wear, and a range of goodies to take home as gifts.

And you won’t be able to miss the café section of the shop.  Huge cases carry all the treats that travelers should spoil themselves with when they are at a resort of this caliber.  Options abound for soft drinks and juices, a bounty of beer, wonderful wines, and chilled Champagnes.  You’ll also find every snack under the sun.  But if you’re looking for a quiet respite with a cup of good coffee and a positively yummy pastry, you’ve also come to the right place.  These offerings are as tantalizing as they are tasty, and you’ll be licking your lips with delight before even biting into the beautiful baked goods.  A few strategically placed tables and chairs and a couple of benches invite visitors to lounge in the comfortable courtyard with their treats.

Pauline and Peter, please come back and visit again soon.