What’s in store for the Rancho Mirage Library?

It’s no big secret that I’m a huge fan of the Rancho Mirage Public Library.  I’ve been frequenting this amazing resource in the heart of the Palm Springs Valley since the day it opened its doors.  But even a mature matron of a certain age like me knows that few things stay the same forever, and that everything inevitably changes.  In the case of our beloved library, I have full confidence that it will continue to get better and even better!

I recently had a chat with my friend David Bryant, the library’s director, and he told me, “Our beautiful library opened its doors eight years ago and its design was penned eleven years ago.  It is a fantastic building and will be for decades to come.  However, the growth of e-books and other digital content is changing how we serve our residents.  This is a perfect time to gather interested people to discuss how our floor-plan might evolve for the benefit of the more than 1,000 people who visit each day.”  To manage the inevitable adjustments, the Minneapolis firm that designed the library (MSR Design) has been hired to assist with the future space planning process.

Our library is already renowned for its enviable calendar of lectures, concerts, and special presentations; for its vast free lending program of books, and books and music on CD and DVD; as well as for its amazing children’s room, complete with a year-round roster of activities for the younger literati.  But that doesn’t stop the board of directors from dreaming large and imagining all the ways that the library can become an even bigger cultural hub for our fair city.  Some of the many things being considered include more comfortable seating, a potential retail space, and an “Idea Store” that would offer useful and unusual learning tools.  And what could be even cooler than all of that?  The possibility of the desert’s first planetarium!  It will take a while for all the proposals to be sorted out, but I have all the confidence in the world that our specular library facility will continue to grow and evolve and wow the socks off of the more than 7,000 current weekly visitors—and the additional ones the future holds!    www.ranchomiragelibrary.org

Rancho Mirage Library Plan