I’m so sincerely thankful to live in such proximity of a park as precious as Whitewater Park, mere moments’ drive from the famous pink pachyderm that advertises the Elephant Car Wash on 111 in the heart of Rancho Mirage.   Right next to the wash, this special seven-acre swath of green—the city’s premier park, dedicated in ’83—greets guests with ample parking, clean facilities, and enough opportunities for fun and games to satisfy even the pickiest of people.

I’ve been known to knock a ball or two over a net on a few occasions, and sometimes there’s nothing better than taking advantage of our tax-dollars-at-work and using one of the four immaculately maintained—and I might mention, seldom used—free, lighted tennis courts.  No sign-up.  Just stroll in and serve.  The last time I played there with pals Pieter and Pat, not to brag, but I pummeled both of them.

Recently, when fabulous friend Freddie was in town, her wee ones Farnsworth and Fronkie insisted on a trip to the park to clamor and climb on the life-size faux fire engine.  As we sat in the shade and sipped our iced green tea, we watched helplessly as the kids, without warning, bolted from the truck and spritzed themselves in the sprinklers…dry clothes be damned!

Although we didn’t make use of the picnic facilities or the basketball and handball courts (or the walking path and fitness circuit, for that matter) we did watch as the Farn and Fronk ran around the wide open spaces long enough to totally tire themselves out—and dry their garments.  Thankfully—as we all know—it’s a dry heat!  And with that, we were off to lunch…

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